Get Info on Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is coercive behavior through the use of intimidation, threats, harm, or harassment.  This definition validates that domestic violence includes multiple forms of abuse--physical, sexual, and emotional/verbal or psychological.  There are several kinds of abuse and each kind can take many different forms. 

Our society is so tolerant of abusive behavior that we often do not recognize some behavior as abusive. Because we have been told so often that if we are being abused it is our own fault, it becomes very    painful and difficult to look at the abuse which we have endured.

As we grow to be safe from further abuse and begin to feel more in control of our lives, we can allow ourselves to recognize the abuse we experienced.  This is a painful process and we need the loving support of non-abusive people (family, friends, etc.) when we are doing this. 

Throughout this process we need to be reassured that the abuse we received was NOT our fault, that we did NOT deserve it, and that we have the RIGHT to be to be treated with dignity and respect.  Gradually we will internalize this knowledge for ourselves.