About Us

CRA functions as a warm, safe haven for families trying to break from the cycle of abuse in their homes. It is a place of empowerment for those who feel powerless; a safe place to make decisions about their lives and the lives of their children; and to receive support from others who have broken out of their own cycle and survived!

All services at CRA are free and confidential.

One of our most important functions is to continue to educate the community to the seriousness of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault and to ensure that battering will no longer remain a secret.

Our Mission is to eliminate domestic and sexual violence and its negative effects in our community by providing shelter and services that promote peace, justice and safety.

Our Vision is a community that soundly rejects the negative effects of domestic and sexual violence by lifting up those who have been subjected to such violence and providing necessary services to enable victims to once again become whole.

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CRA provides services to all people who are in need, regardless of their ethnicity, nationality, gender, race, religion, age or sexual orientation.

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