Safety Planning

Domestic Violence Safety Planning: 

If you are in an abusive relationship, think about:

  • Having important phone numbers nearby for you and your children.  Numbers to have are the police, hotlines, friends and the local shelter.
  • Friends and neighbors you could tell about the abuse.  Ask them to call the police if they hear angry or violent noises.  If you have children, teach them how to dial 911.  Make up a code word that you can use when you need help.
  • How to get out of your home safely.  Practice ways to get out.
  • Safer places in your home where there are exits and no weapons. If you feel abuse is going to happen, try to get your abuser to one of these safer places.
  • Even if you do not plan to leave, think of where you could go.   Think of how you might leave.  Try doing things that get you out of the house; taking out the trash, walking the pet , or going to the store.  Put a bag of things you use every day ( see checklist below).  Hide it where is is easy for you to get

If you are considering leaving your abuser, think about;

  • Four places you could go if you leave your home.
  • People who might help you if you left.  Think about people who will keep a bag for you.  Think about people that might lend you money.
  • Make plans for your pets.
  • Opening a bank account or credit card in your name.
  • How you might leave.  Try doing things that get you out of the house-practice how you would leave.
  • How you could take your children with your safely.  There are times when taking your children with you may put all of your lives in danger.  You need to protect yourself to be able to protect your children.
  • Putting together a bag of things you use every day.  Hide it where is is easy for you to get to

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Safe at Home Application Assistance:

  • Safe at Home is Wisconsin’s address confidentiality program that provides victims of domestic abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse, stalking and trafficking, or those who simply fear for their physical safety, with a legal substitute address.  Among the requirements, you must be a resident of Wisconsin, your abuser must not know where you live and you must agree that you will not provide your address to your abuser.  You are also required to do a safety plan with an application assistant. Several advocates at Community Referral Agency are Safe at Home application assistants.  If you are interested, please call to discuss with an advocate.

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