Learn More About Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault

Domestic Abuse

Warning signs of physical violence:
* Have frequent injuries
* Frequently miss work
* Wear clothing designed to hide bruises

Warning Signs of isolation:
* Being restricted from seeing family and friends
* Rarely go out in public without partner

Warning signs of Psychological abuse:
* Low self-esteem
* Outgoing person becomes withdrawn
* Going along with everything the partner says and does
* Required to check in with partner to report where they are
* Partner is compulsively jealous

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Victims / Survivors do not cause their assaults and are not to blame. Offenders are responsible for their behavior.

Sexual Violence


*Child sexual assault
*Ritual abuse
*Date and acquaintance rape
*Marital or partner rape
*Unwanted sexual contact

If you have been assaulted:
Go to safe place
Do NOT shower or bathe
Contact CRA, your local Sexual assault crisis center and/ or law enforcement
Seek medical attention

Pressing charges may help you feel empowered.

Elder Abuse

Some facts about abuse later in life
* Two-thirds of elder abuse and neglect victims are women
* The median age of elder victims is 78 years
* One third of all elder victims are abused by their children

Neglect is the most common form of elder abuse in domestic settings accounting for over 50% of all reported incidents

Download a detailed Elder Abuse brochure here

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