Violence Prevention & Community Education

Community Education:

  • CRA works to increase the communities awareness about domestic and sexual violence through community outreach.  Part of CRA’s mission is to help eliminate violence in our communities, and with that in mind,  we offer presentations regarding our services and education on a variety of topics related to domestic and sexual violence awareness to schools, community organizations, church groups and other service providers.  If you are interested in learning more about the cycle of violence and how to help stop domestic violence and sexual assault in your community, click here to contact us.

Domestic Violence Education (DVED):

  • Offered every other Wednesday by appointment only.  This class is required in order for the courts to consider modifying a no contact order.  This class welcomes other agency referrals and self-referrals.  There is no charge for this class.

Safe at Home:

  • Safe at Home is Wisconsin’s address confidentiality program that provides victims of domestic abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse, stalking and trafficking, or those who simply fear for their physical safety, with a legal substitute address.  Among the requirements, you must be a resident of Wisconsin, your abuser must not know where you live and you must agree that you will not provide your address to your abuser.  You are also required to do a safety plan with an application assistant. Several advocates at Community Referral Agency are Safe at Home application assistants.  If you are interested, please call to discuss with an advocate.

Human Trafficking:

  • Human Trafficking can occur in any community, urban or rural.  It can trap affluent or lower income individuals regardless of age, race, gender or sexual orientation.  Traffickers will use any means available to lure in innocent people and before they are aware they are trapped, unable to break free from their captors.  In some cases, traffickers will sell to other traffickers, prostitute out the victim to make them money or involve them in various crimes to improve their lifestyle, while keeping the victim scared and without and support system such as family.
  • If you would like more information regarding Human Trafficking and how it could affect you or someone you know, please visit one of these websites:
  • Contact the National Human Trafficking Hotline 888-373-7888 for more information or to report anything that is questionable

Elder Abuse:  

  • Since 1979, CRA has promoted the rights and interests of all persons surviving domestic violence and sexual assault.  This includes those who are over the age of 60 and are experiencing sexual or domestic violence.   which may include any activity which degrades your physical or mental well being or forces you to do something you do not want, such as,  give up your property, your money or be isolated from family or friends.
  • click here for brochure

Teen Violence:

  • Teen violence includes emotional, verbal or physical abuse:
    • Bullying
    • Teen Dating Violence
    • Stalking
    • Digital Abuse
    • Sexual Abuse
  • If you know of a teen that may be in crisis, please call so that they can get help.  Break the cycle.

SPARK Group (Speaking to the Potential Ability and Resilience in every Kid):

  • Topics discussed in this group include body image, self-esteem, depression, stress management and more.  The group takes place during the school day, usually during an elective or study hall period.  SPARK group is offered to schools in the Polk, Barron and Burnett County districts.

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